Rapidly Forecast Wells at Scale Without Compromising Accuracy

Automatically generate thousands of forecasts, with multiple versions, in seconds for rapid economic simulation across entire basins with the BasinStudio template for Spotfire and the power of the cloud. You will quickly assemble field and basin level studies, benchmark competitor acreage, spot production anomalies, and prepare quarterly analyses faster than ever. Designed for larger teams, BasinStudio enables you to do more while reducing technology costs.

Why Choose BasinStudio?

Automate Basin-Wide Valuations

With BasinStudio, you can automatically generate thousands of well simulations every minute with detailed forecasting at the well level.

Enhance Valuation Accuracy

Our out-of-the-box forecasts deliver rapid and accurate EUR. Take it to the next level with BasinStudio’s forecast data quality workflow.

Compare EUR Across Multiple Forecasts

BasinStudio provides version history for every well and simulation, enabling your team to evaluate forecast parameters, such as price, lateral length, and completion.

Do More Without Adding Overhead

BasinStudio empowers teams to perform more asset valuations in less time, enabling you to do more with existing resources, boost performance, and lower costs.

Mine Offsets for Actionable Insights

BasinStudio applies machine learning to daily production volumes to spot trends, optimize production, and uncover frac hits.

Collaborate and Build Basin Knowledge

BasinStudio becomes your knowledgebase for wells and what they can do, providing your team with in-process collaboration to pool knowledge and form optimal strategies.

See BasinStudio in Action!

Schedule a live one-on-one demonstration today with a BasinStudio product expert. We’ll show you how easy it is to rapidly create large-scale forecasts in support of field and basin-level workflows.

Top Use Cases for BasinStudio

From A&D and development to non-ops and investment banks, TypecurveStudio equips engineering and financial analysts with state-of-the-art forecasting technology, enabling them to perform valuations—a few or thousands—in just minutes.


Field and Basin Studies


Whether you want to understand the economic outlook for a small group of wells or the potential returns for basin wide development, your team must assemble large datasets and run multiple forecasts to evaluate different production and planning cases. Accurately forecasting EUR for large numbers of wells is a challenge because underlying economic variables like oil, gas, and NGL change daily. BasinStudio simplifies and accelerates rapid testing with asset versioning. Easily create multiple versions to evaluate high, mid-range, and low EUR cases and test different methodologies.


Competitor Benchmarking


Selecting the right acreage to develop requires a broad analysis across thousands of existing assets and dozens of operators. This process that can take weeks during which the economics and competitive situation can shift. BasinStudio gives your team a detailed view of local production history to see which acreage is performing better, with the ability to zoom out and spot the outliers that indicate whose EUR is outperforming.


Production Operations


Every day, your team must sift through daily oil & gas production volumes for the trends that guide production optimization, maintenance, and intervention decisions. Well interference events, such as frac hits, are especially complex to trace and resolve. BasinStudio applies machine learning techniques to segment production for a large group of wells. As a result, users gain valuable insight that can inform decisions for artificial lift and identify deviation from expected trends, helping to pinpoint new offsets that have impacted your production.


Quarterly Reporting Workflows


From quarterly financial models and well planning to investor relations and ad hoc reporting, your team must deliver critical data to a wide range of stakeholders. These projects are time-consuming and pull staff away from the tactical analysis that helps spot A&D opportunities and optimize production. With BasinStudio, your team gains a complete platform for both strategic and tactical analysis. And by crunching the numbers in a fraction of the time, your team can provide quarterly deliverables and move on to the next problem faster.


Pick a Studio that is Right for Your Team

We have three editions of our type curve analysis product. Depending on the size of your team, you may wish to select TypecurveStudio, BasinStudio, or both. Our Enterprise Studio provides your entire organization with full access to all of the features listed below.

How It Works

BasinStudio extends TIBCO Spotfire with robust type curve analysis, forecasting, and well-level valuation workflows. As a result, your team can leverage its existing Spotfire investment and get to work immediately with BasinStudio. By running thousands of simulations for individual wells in fractions of a second, BasinStudio has the ability to process in excess of 500 wells per minute and save versioned forecasts that are easily accessible in a collaborative space. BasinStudio achieves this without sacrificing accuracy, giving users the ability to tune and use adaptive learning to project requirements.

Product Features

  • Generate EUR and DCA outputs for basin wide scoping and analysis
  • Find highest potential acreage across wide areal scope
  • Generate data to feed into other internal studies
  • Monitor and update forecasts by exception through variance reporting
  • Segment by frac hits and other operational anomalies
  • Advanced filtering/streamlining techniques for public data allocation issues
  • Sharing of forecasts between various engineers
  • Report forecasts at well level at monthly or oneline formats