Introducing BasinStudio

Use the power of cloud-based computing to forecast entire basins, reliably and quickly.

Until now, maintaining EURs across tens of thousands of wells required sacrifices in time or reliability, or was simply impractical. Sign up today and forecast an entire basin tomorrow!

Our clients asked for next-level software to handle the biggest jobs, and we answered. BasinStudio leverages cloud technology for scale, while keeping the engineer in control. Reliable PDP forecasts are generated with the engineer in charge of filtration, segmentation, forecast parameters, and QC throughout the process. Collaborating with your team is now easier than ever before.

Why BasinStudio?


Versioned Forecasts


Capable of versioning forecasts to be shared, recalled and updated in a collaborative work-space


Powerful and Flexible


Generate oneline and monthly forecast data to power visualizations, analytics and heatmaps


Well Spacing


Calculate distance to nearest neighbor and classify parent-child relationship



There are currently no tools that can forecast at the well level in a timely manner. Use BasinStudio for these purposes and many more!
  • Generation of EUR’s and DCA outputs for basin wide scoping and analysis
  • Competitor studies and benchmarking
  • Support Reserves
  • Find highest potential acreage across wide areal scope
  • Generate data to feed into other internal studies
  • Monitor and update forecasts by exception through variance reporting

By running thousands of simulations at the well level in fractions of a second, BasinStudio has the ability to process in excess of 500 wells per minute and then save versioned forecasts to be shared in a collaborative space. And it can do this without losing the user’s ability to tune or use adaptive learning to their benefit.

  • Segment by frac hits and other operational anomalies
  • Advanced filtering/streamlining techniques for public data allocation issues
  • Sharing of forecasts between various engineers
  • Report forecasts at well level at monthly or oneline formats