Create powerful, reliable production forecasts at the speed of the cloud whether you’re tracking 5 wells or 2000.

By harnessing the raw computing power of the cloud, TypecurveStudio is able to create reliable and robust oil & gas production forecasts to enable you and your team to enact the most rigorous valuation process in a fraction of the time. Start today and get results today.

Q TypecurveStudio is designed by expert oil & gas industry engineers to usher production forecasting into the age of the cloud. Unlike traditional forecasting tools, Q works with our users to leverage the power and speed of the cloud to define a production-based return on investment no matter what scale you work on. Make key decisions today.





The first and only cloud-based oil & gas technology to give a production-based return on investment for acreage valuations, development plans, non-op comparisons, and working interest opportunities.


User Experience


Powerfully intuitive, fast, modern and visual data analytics built in the context of decisions.




AI with flexibility that keeps ultimate control with the decision maker.



Current software solutions offered by the market are slow and inefficient, and have lagged behind the best practices that decision-makers need to see real returns on their work. TypecurveStudio accelerates forecasting to light speed and keeps you current with the most rigorous workflow you can put to work right away.

Zoom into any acreage and figure out if it is profitable almost immediately. If it isn’t, figure out what lateral length, proppant loading, or other technology will unlock it. Integrate analysis with leading economic tools like ARIES or PHDWin.

  • Advanced normalization (3 industry accepted completions technologies)
  • Latest industry standards built into Typecurve creation
  • Quick Typecurve Economics, which completion design gives the highest NPV
  • Create calibrated Typecurves so you can make better, smarter predictions
  • Test multiple Typecurve scenarios to build confidence
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