Pinpoint Profitable Type Curves in Seconds

TypecurveStudio allows your team to process thousands of asset valuations in minutes. You can rapidly assess buy-side and sell-side deal potential and optimize development planning. TypecurveStudio will enable you to pinpoint profitable assets faster than ever while staying lean and decreasing technology costs.

Why Choose TypecurveStudio?

Rapidly Perform Bulk Valuations

A talented engineer can perform 300 valuations in a day – TypecurveStudio can do 1,000 in 10 minutes.

Precisely Value Every Asset

With TypecurveStudio, you can calculate reserves and potential hydrocarbon recovery for each asset with accuracy similar to third party certification.

Compare Multiple Forecast to Find Optimal EUR

TypecurveStudio enables users to test and compare the impact of different lateral and completion parameters on estimated ultimate recovery (EUR).

Stay Lean and Poised for Growth

With TypecurveStudio your team can weather downturns by reducing G&A costs and capitalizing on opportunities as markets improve.

Ensure Procedural Compliance

Standards from the Society of Petroleum Evaluation Engineers are built into TypecurveStudio, ensuring that users never take a short cut.

Drive Knowledge Sharing and Best Practices

TypecurveStudio enables your organization to capture and retain valuation best practices, cross-train on basins, and bring new staff up to speed fast.

See TypecurveStudio in Action!

Schedule a live one-on-one demonstration today with a TypecurveStudio product expert. We’ll show you how easy it is to rapidly create accurate production forecasts.

“We had been looking for a type curve solution for a while because our consulting engineer could not always meet our deadlines, so we were blown away when we saw the speed and accuracy of TypecurveStudio. We can now fully evaluate any acquisition opportunities in-house in 30 minutes. One of the biggest value adds is the training we received from the Q Engineering team; they went above and beyond to ensure that we were 100% comfortable with TypecurveStudio.”

-Director of Mineral Management, Principle Energy

Top Use Cases for TypecurveStudio

From A&D and development to non-ops and investment banks, TypecurveStudio equips engineering and financial analysts with state-of-the-art forecasting technology, enabling them to perform valuations—a few or thousands—in just minutes.


A&D Asset Valuation


To capitalize on a deal, buyers must quickly valuate dozens or even thousands of wells to make an informed investment decision. TypecurveStudio simplifies and accelerates acquisitions with rapid and accurate valuations while enabling asset sellers to maximize deal value and market their properties.


Development Planning


Producers must balance capital costs with expected performance and long-term production decline in order to evaluate how profitable drilling projects will be. TypecurveStudio enables your team to run multiple production forecasts in just minutes, assisting in the selection of optimal lateral length and completion design and maximizing the profitability of your assets.


Non-Operated Investments


Mineral, royalty, and non-operated working interest investors often lack the engineering and technology resources of producers. TypecurveStudio levels the playing field by providing a complete, modern, and easy-to-use tool to rapidly assess non-op investment potential and accurately value current holdings.


Banking and Advisory


No matter the size, financial institutions that provide oil & gas advisory services share similar needs to rapidly value deals on behalf of clients. TypecurveStudio equips larger firms with tools and data to scale their practice while empowering smaller firms with cost-effective technology for precisely valuing assets faster than ever.


Pick a Studio that is Right for Your Team

We have three editions of our type curve analysis product. Depending on the size of your team, you may wish to select TypecurveStudio, BasinStudio, or both. Our Enterprise Studio provides your entire organization with full access to all of the features listed below.

Financial Advisory Firm Accelerates Valuation Process with TypecurveStudio

A leading investment bank and financial services provider has performed 50,000 asset valuations on behalf of its clients. Learn how the company leverages TypecurveStudio to rapidly assess buy-side and sell-side data rooms and pinpoint investment opportunities with a small, technology-empowered engineering team.

How It Works

TypecurveStudio extends TIBCO Spotfire with robust type curve analysis, forecasting, and valuation workflows. Your team can leverage its existing Spotfire investment and get to work immediately with TypecurveStudio.


Users can easily zoom into any acreage and rapidly determine if it is profitable. If it is not profitable, users can identify what lateral length, proppant loading, or other technology will unlock the acreage’s full potential.


Unlike other forecasting products, TypecurveStudio is purpose-built for valuation workflows rather than forcing users to adapt the way they work to the technology.

Product Features

  • Advanced normalization (3 industry accepted completions technologies)
  • Latest industry standards built into type curve creation
  • Quick type curve economics, which completion design gives the highest NPV
  • Create calibrated type curves so you can make better, smarter forecasts
  • Test multiple type curve scenarios to build confidence
  • Pull in cloud datasets or work with static databases
  • Integrate analysis with leading economic tools like ARIES or PHDWin


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