Meet the people
behind Q

It started in 2016. But really, it started every Friday at around 4 p.m., when James was asked to update his forecasts by end of day. He’d done it last Friday, but, you know, if you could go ahead and get that done…


James and Mark had 10 years of experience apiece in oil & gas. And across dozens of companies, they encountered the same problems in the office and out in the field: a massively inefficient workflow used industry-wide because that was just the way things were done. And no one with the capacity to make decisions was interested in streamlining.

So James and Mark set out to solve the problem themselves.


Q Engineering was born soon after. There was no proven template for what James and Mark were doing, so they just had to accept that they were on to something, resign, and get to work on better forecasting software for the oil & gas industry.


The gamble has paid off. Based in downtown Houston, Q Engineering’s software solutions demonstrate what’s possible when reservoir engineers come in from the field and create a product for other reservoir engineers. Q makes software, but software is just a means to an end. But what James and Mark are truly invested in hasn’t changed since 2015: solving problems and creating a better, faster, more profitable future for everyone.

Team Members